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BIGBots Features

The Ultimate Enterprise Marketing & Prospecting Tool!

Dual Bots

2 physically separate Messenger Bots with connected intelligence and communications.

Overwatch Support

Company visibility, reporting and control of all activity and content within both bots.

"Create Your Adventure"

Prospects determine their engagement and interaction within the conversations.

"Flash" Notifications

Immediate notifications based on company-defined engagement, activity, and lead scoring.

Members & Prospects

Supports 100% of your Members and their invited Prospects all within Facebook Messenger.

Hot Updates

Content & Conversation updates are immediate and flexible to support your company's overall strategy.

Sampling Superstar

Does your company Sample? BIGBots is the ultimate business tool for sampling!

Offline Prospecting

BIGBots offers a unique offline strategy for engaging prospects immediately!

Company Communications

Communicate company announcements and training through BIGBots!

BIGBots Advantage


Members don't need to learn a new technology, play telephone tag, or wonder if their email was delivered. They just need to Invite! Invite! Invite! Let BIGBots do the rest!


Prospects engage with content that is relevant to them. We call it CYA - "Create Your Adventure"! A fun and engaging experience - all taking place in Facebook Messenger!


Your company has piece-of-mind knowing that the messaging is consistent, compliant, and controlled.

Step 1: Schedule a Demo of BIGBots

Let's get together on a Zoom call and share with you how BIGBots is quickly becoming a DISRUPTOR in the Network Marketing profession. You will be impressed... GUARANTEED!

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Step 2: Discovery & Define

In our Discovery & Define Step, we will collect all the digital assets and content copy that can be presented in the Distributor Bot & Prospect Bot - this includes both products and the business opportunity. In addition, we will have our animators create several designs for review of an avatar/champion for the bot as well. This is a proven, and fun way for prospects to engage in the conversation.

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Step 3: Design & Development of Member & Prospect Bots

This is where the magic happens! We work in conjunction with your company to design a fun and engaging conversational experience for Prospects. During this step, we also identify and configure the Flash Notifications, Lead Scoring, Member & Company Reporting, and Growth Tools to be used for Member invites.

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Step 4: BIGBots Launch to Your Members!

An exciting day! We launch BIGBots to your Members with a very simple and straight forward registration process that takes less than 3 minutes! Nothing to install, and no monthly fees! They can begin inviting immediately!

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Let's add some fizz to your biz!

Why Do Your Members Need a ChatBot?

There is a shift happening...

Network Marketers who haven’t caught up to the latest trends in the world of online marketing are missing out on new customers & distributors, as well as an increased amount of sales volume. Social media networks, in particular, offer quite a large number of advantages to both new and veteran network marketers. When utilizing social media marketing to the advantage of your business, a chatbot can add additional value and help to automate the customer service part of your business on social networks, while also driving more traffic to your company website and turning interested prospects into customers and distributors.

  • Messenger bots are the ideal medium to educate, build trust, and sell to your customers & prospects.
  • Facebook Messenger has over a 1.3 billion monthly active users - you are probably one of them!
  • People prefer to use messaging apps to communicate with each other more than email.
  • The top 4 messaging apps surpassed the amount of monthly active users on social networks.

Here's One of Our Super-Awesome Clients!

Meet Jason Pannell - Platinum Distributor with AdvoCare, as he shares his experience in working with MLMChatBots, and a custom messenger marketing solution for his company.

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Everybody WINS with BIGBots!!

SIMPLE for Members! FUN for Prospects! SECURITY for Companies!


SIMPLE for Members!

INVITE! INVITE! INVITE! Let BIGBots do the heavy lifting by sorting, filtering, scoring, and engaging awesome content with your Prospects. BIGBots overcomes the two greatest enemies in your business... REJECTION & PROCRASTINATION! BIGBots will become your best business partner!

Prospects FUN

FUN for Prospects!

A robust "Create Your Adventure" experience for Prospects to engage with your business opportunity and products, all at the same time creating a conversation, and following up with them based on their personal choices and interest. Your message is delivered 100% of the time within BIGBots.


SECURITY for Companies!

Peace-of-mind for Corporate's Compliance & Executive teams knowing that the messaging and conversations have "checked all the boxes"! You have total control over content. Plus, we have a special place in the Member Bot dedicated to Corporate training & communications! A powerful marketing tool!

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We'll be happy to share with you how we are changing the prospecting landscape in the Network Marketing profession. It could change the trajectory of your company in 2021!